Medical technology manufacturers

There are medical technology manufacturers in many countries all over the world. The most important and innovative manufacturers are based in Germany, Japan, and in the US. In these countries, medical technology is one of the biggest and most important industrial sectors. The manufacturing of medical devices has significantly changed over the last 20 years. On the one hand, the computer and high-tech industry has significantly influenced the product development but, on the other hand, low-wage countries have discovered the lucrative business with expensive surgical instruments for own purposes. Low-tech work has increasingly migrated away from the global medical technology centers such as Tuttlingen in Germany. The medical technology can be classified according to the surgical, diagnostic, imaging technology, sterilization, and therapeutic applications in different disciplines:

– Anesthesia;
– Dental;
– Gynecology;
– Cardiology;
– Neurology;
– Critical care;
– Oncology;
– Ophthalmology;
– Orthopedics;
– Traumatology;
– Urology;
– Phlebology.

Different medical technological devices from surgical, diagnostic, imaging technology, sterilization, and therapy applications can be used for the treatment of chronic venous diseases. Phlebology is often only a niche market. For this reason, it is our task to identify technologies from related disciplines and to review them in regard to market opportunities in the phlebological field. We operate in fields such as technology scouting, scientific product placement, and marketing.