Hospital groups and specialized practices

Health is a very important topic in subjective and public perception and can be described as the most important human property. Public discussions are almost impossible without key expressions such as resource management and lowering of costs. Furthermore, the meaning is a completely new one in regard to the current economic crisis in the euro area. The resulting socially and politically forced changes of the general conditions in regard to competition tendencies led to a change of paradigm that finally resulted in the marketization of health systems in many European countries. A similar competition pressure can also be expected in the German healthcare system.

Here, major changes are expected in the future. The ancient health care system offers virtually no incentive to efficiently design the healing process or the process of maintaining the health of a patient. Despite considerable efforts to stabilize the costs for health systems, the health insurances in Germany have often reacted with increased premiums to the cost trend. A stabilization of the costs cannot even be expected in the future due to diverse trends (age structure, better but more expensive therapy methods, etc.). It can, therefore, be assumed that health system processes have to be analyzed and optimized as this is already the case for other industrial sectors for a longer time. For this reason, the future of the hospital organization will mainly depend on an identification and implementation of own strength and improvement potentials in time as well as on a fast integration into the corporate policy and strategy.

We aim to recognize relations within the corresponding organizations. Another focus is the motivation to change the organization, which has to be understood as a necessary prerequisite for a successful implementation of new concepts, models, and strategies, particularly for hospitals due to the traditionally grown corporate structure. There is substantial evidence that especially hospitals following this realization will succeed the most in the competition of global markets.

Concepts, models, and strategies

Concept of strategic networks
Implementation of modern connected information technologies such as web technologies, XML, Internet portals, and data warehouses

Managed Care
Total Quality Management: European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) as well as Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität (KTQ)