About us

The Kompetenznetz chronische Venenkrankheiten UG was founded in 2010 and is an exclusive consulting company for integrated services in the field of chronic venous diseases.

With our consulting services we focus on the current topics of the life sciences. We are actively working in the business fields of project management, research management, technology consulting, and quality management. We address chronic venous diseases: Varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, deep leg vein thrombosis, etc. We see ourselves as a translational communication platform. We are open to the needs of our customers such as hospital groups and specialized practices, medical technology manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and the pharmaceutical industry. We are always open to the questions and suggestions of scientists and managers in the field of the life sciences, of the interested public, physicians, healthcare practitioners, as well as media.

Our regional focus is the German-speaking area with cooperation partners in other European and international countries. Our consulting service is focused on the specific branch: We combine direct operative management experience with current scientific know-how and specific customer-oriented solutions based on attractive conditions. This background makes us a very competent and valued partner for demanding tasks of customers but also of our cooperation partners.