Project management

Professional management is a key measure of a permanent successful project!

Our project management moves between the factors of time (project duration and fix data), costs, and project content or scope. Customers often have a different and maybe inconsistent point of view of these three factors. In order to ensure the success of the project, we try to transparently set out the customers’ interests, and then to commonly establish a project plan. Finally, a prioritization of the factors is made in cooperation with the customer based on which the project control is established. Our reporting always describes the project in this case in relation to the three factors. Our successful project performance is based on the knowledge of the project management, the management knowledge, product specific knowledge in the life science field, a high level of endurance and ability to cope with stress, our integrated and sustainable thinking, as well as our convincing human and communicative abilities.

We offer the following services:

· Adequate definition of the project limits and project targets;
· Development of project plans and periodic controlling;
· Process-oriented structuring of the projects;
· Project-specific design of project organization and project culture;
· Development of a specific project culture, and
· Forming the relationship between the project and project context.

To do so, we employ the nine project management fields of knowledge:

· Integration management;
· Scope management;
· Appointment management;
· Cost management;
· Quality management;
· HR management;
· Communication management:
· Risk management;
· Procurement management.